Wet Rot & Dry Rot in North Yorkshire

Wet Rot & Dry Rot in North Yorkshire The Damp Proofing Experts


 Wet rot and dry rot can damage timbers and, if not diagnosed correctly, can spread rapidly affecting the structural stability of your home. Dri-Home UK has more than13 years of experience in the detection and eradication of dry and wet rot throughout the Scarborough area.

Carried out by experienced timber specialists

If the wood in your home continually gets wet and then dries out, it will gradually soften and rot. This is known as wet rot and it can be very serious.

Dry rot is also very serious, but is also relatively rare. It’s caused by a specific type of fungal mould which only grows on damp wood that has poor air circulation. Our timber specialists have years of experience in treating both dry and wet rot.

Wet Rot & Dry Rot in North Yorkshire
Wet Rot & Dry Rot in North Yorkshire

Effective solutions for getting rid of wet rot

•  Find where the water is coming from and stop it

•  Remove all rotted timber

•  Replace rotted timber with pressure-treated wood or with      

    wood that has been painted with preservative

•  Treat any remaining wood with wood preservative

•  Watch for further signs and treat as soon as possible.

•  Keep air bricks clear

Most wet rot is seen around windows and door frames where flaking paint has let rain water in, or on floors and skirting boards next to damp walls, or on joist-ends set into damp walls.

Effective dry and wet rot treatments by timber specialists in Scarborough

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